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Tuckswood Academy & Nursery

Our aim at all times is to ensure that every child makes the most of his or her abilities. Success breeds success and it is a wonderful motivation. All children at Tuckswood Academy and Nursery have the right to enjoy their learning, achievements, and successes. We create a curriculum which enables every child to fulfil their potential; enables every child to believe in themselves and believe that anything is possible. We will all try our very best to be better than the day before because only our best will do.


Learning is the most important thing at Tuckswood. We learn to be the best we can be both in our studies and as a person.


Everyone associated with the school works extremely hard to provide learning of the highest quality in a caring and supportive environment that recognises personal growth and development. We believe in the development of the whole child and relentlessly pursue the best approaches to educate your child in a rapidly changing world.


At the core of our curriculum, you will find a love of reading, writing, and mathematics. We believe that English is the key to lifelong learning and our aim is to send every one of our children to High School with a high standard of English skills and a love of reading and books. Throughout the teaching of mathematics, we aim to develop inquisitive and enquiring minds.


Alongside these, we provide a rich and varied curriculum and we offer trips and residential in Key Stage Two to enhance our children’s learning and their experience at Primary School. All children have their strengths and our expectations and aspirations of children are high. Academic performance is important but equally, at Tuckswood we encourage the development of the well-rounded child who knows how to make healthy life choices, knows how to learn, explores relationships, enjoys physical, artistic and musical pursuits and knows how to stay safe.


Children never come alone and we welcome you as a parent/carer. We hope that you too will become part of this learning community. We offer an open door policy so if you have any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to come and visit us.