At Rightforsuccess our vision of improving life chances for all pupils is at the heart of our Academy sponsorship. It is the motivation of our Trust and our mission.  It is what drives us to achieve and to succeed.


To achieve our vision it is essential that we continue to develop Rightforsuccess approaches to achievement to teaching and learning, to Academy improvement and to innovative leadership.  In all of these endeavours, the underpinning values are:


  • Children at the heart of everything we do with an explicit understanding that happy children achieve.

  • Community being at the core of our work, everyone plays their part to achieve the best outcomes for all pupils.

  • Collaboration brings us success by enabling teams of teachers and Trust staff to share collective responsibility for leading, coordinating and delivering effective teaching and learning for our Academies.

  • Careers – The most important asset that the trust has is its people.  Any success achieved by the Trust or the Trust Academies comes from the staff.  We therefore believe that championing staff improvement is a key driver for academy improvement.  We also believe that giving staff opportunities to be successful and to enjoy their achievement is an important part of the workplace.


Making a Difference and Being Different


In some Academy Groups there is a uniformity and a pattern to systems, school improvements, uniforms and naming protocols.  This can work for some trusts and for some schools.  This is not how Rightforsuccess works.


Rightforsuccess is the first Academy Trust to develop from an all through Specialist Academy and so is uniquely placed to see the journey of the most vulnerable through the key stages to early adulthood.  To be outstanding in this area we have learnt and championed the vision and values that sit at the core of the Rightforsuccess Trust.


At Rightforsuccess we believe that every child is different but are united by a right to succeed.  We believe that every school is unique serving a particular community and that respect and celebration of their unique identity is crucial to their success.  We therefore do not believe that a one size fits all approach is best and in the words of one our Heads “diversity does not become a barrier to collaboration”.


At Rightforsuccess we believe all our pupils can be successful and that every school can be successful.  We will achieve this by:


Rightforsuccess Achievement.  We will ensure the best outcome for all regardless of starting points by having the highest expectations for all the young people in our Academies.


Rightforsuccess Teaching and Learning.  This is and always will be the highest priority for the Trust, ensuring that we aim for and achieve outstanding.  It is not about rebranding our schools, it is what goes on in the classroom day in day out for our young people.  This is best exemplified at present by the co-operative approach to learning initiative.


Rightforsuccess Academy Improvement – As a Trust we will work with our Academies to promote strong Governance, we will monitor performance regularly across a range of areas and to directly intervene where necessary.  However we also believe in “earned autonomy” the uniqueness of each school and a collaborative approach to improvement. This means that each Academy’s improvement is unique and belongs to the Academy and can draw on the resources of the trust, the Teaching School and the other Academies in the Trust.

Rightforsuccess Innovative Leadership.  The Trust operates in a rapidly changing world.  For us to be successful we have to understand the current policy drivers and future direction in education and business thinking.  We need our leaders to be innovative and to embrace the Enterprising Schools vision and relevant approaches to ensure that we “improve the life chances for our pupils”.