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Edith Cavell Academy & Nursery
Edith Cavell Academy & Nursery
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Edith Cavell Academy & Nursery

Central to all we do at Edith Cavell Academy is our philosophy of ‘happy children achieve’ because we know that Primary school years are of vital importance. This is the time in which attitudes are formed which affect the whole of your child’s education and his or her later life. At Edith Cavell Academy and Nursery we work hard to teach the children to develop positive relationships and a lifelong love of learning which will ensure that beyond their time with us, they continue to aspire and flourish into adulthood. We work hard to encourage confidence in learning and trying new skills and accept that with practice new skills become embedded.  Our new essential storytelling curriculum is carefully structured to inspire and excite children to motivate their desire for aspiration and ambition in life. Our nurturing and inclusive environment and skilled staff look at the ‘whole child’ to develop all areas of development including non-academic aspirations such as sport or music. For children with additional needs we adapt and resource the curriculum to ensure full access to an exciting learning experience as ‘what is learned with pleasure we never forget.


We strongly believe that every child deserves a champion - an adult who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be. Thus, we value our parents as co-educators and want to work collaboratively to bring about positive and memorable experiences during these key years. We hope that our parents want to share our vision and welcome them to seek advice and support around any personal challenges they may have. We work closely with the local community particularly in fostering partnerships with neighbouring schools to support transitions for children at the key points in their education.


Our school environment is carefully planned to create positive attitudes toward learning. Visitors to our school are always surprised at the size of our site and the range of facilities we have. We value outdoor learning and have developed our outdoor learning areas to include a wildlife/pond area, woodland area and an award-winning allotment.


We are proud of our school and warmly welcome visitors to come and see the services that we offer.